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BioHitech Helps Dunkin' Donuts Divert Food Waste From Landfills
Dunkin' Donuts Expands its Use of the Eco-Safe Digester

CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y., Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BioHiTech Global, Inc. ("BioHiTech") (OTC: BHTG), a green technology company that provides an innovative data-driven solution for food waste disposal, announced today that its subsidiary, BioHitech America, LLC, is installing its innovative commercial food waste disposal solution to the second Dunkin' Donuts location in New Jersey.

"As environmental concerns move up in the hierarchy of our corporate objectives, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint," said Bill Mulholland, franchisee owner of Dunkin' Donuts, Haledon, New Jersey.  "The convenience of having BioHitech's solution located within the store provides a safer environment for our employees especially those working the night-shift."

BioHitech America's solution will divert all of the store's coffee grounds and other food waste through their Eco-Safe Digester by converting the waste into grey water and safely transporting it through the standard sewer lines. There is not only less waste going to landfills, but each Dunkin' Donuts location can save money in reduced hauling fees since there is less waste to be picked up, reduce labor costs from eliminating the repetitive trips to the dumpster, and reduce services associated with pest control. 

"We are thrilled to be working with a brand such as Dunkin' Donuts committed to managing and improving the footprint of their operations," said Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech. "Most of our Eco-Safe Digesters, which are installed at more than 300 locations around the globe, are at larger facilities like supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, and stadiums. Dunkin' Donuts is a great example of how our solution can be used in smaller applications. Our on-site aerobic digester is odorless and compact enough to fit neatly in a small area."

As food waste and coffee grounds are added to the Eco-Safe Digester each increment is measured and tracked in real-time through the BioHitech Cloud. The BioHitech Cloud measures operation, economic, and environmental metrics allowing organizations like Dunkin' Donuts to report their diversion numbers to their corporate office in support of their aggressive DD Green Achievement goals of building 100 sustainable restaurants by the end of 2016.

"We are thrilled to find a solution that will greatly reduce our impact on the environment and dispose of our coffee grounds and other organic waste in a more efficient and sustainable manner," stated Adam S. Goldman, Dunkin' Donuts franchisee.

With the addition of the second franchised location, the first DD Green Elite location in New Jersey, stores that use the Eco-Safe Digester can potentially eliminate enough carbon emissions to serve an additional 1 million cups of coffee without impacting the environment.

About BioHitech America
BioHitech's unique solution to food waste disposal combines green technology with the power of Big Data to offer transparency, savings and a sustainable future. BioHitech's Eco-Safe Digester, an on-site aerobic digester, eliminates up to 2,400 pounds of food waste in a 24-hour period by converting it into nutrient-neutral water and transporting the water safely through standard sewer lines. The digester then weighs each increment of waste during the digestion process and allows users to quantify its type and origin, simultaneously transmitting this real-time data to the BioHitech Cloud. The Cloud then immediately sorts and organizes the data, providing the needed transparency to improve company-wide efficiency and profitability.

The BioHitech solution not only diverts food waste from landfills, but integrates technology, data and analytics to help drive smarter business decisions. The Eco-Safe Digester provides business owners and managers with the necessary information that can then have an immediate impact on labor, safety, efficiency and sustainability within their company.

BioHitech America, LLC is a subsidiary of BioHiTech Global, Inc. (OTC: BHTG). BioHiTech Global, Inc. is a publicly traded company engaged in helping companies to prevent waste.

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