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BioHitech America and Four Seasons Hotel Boston Share in Environmental Partnership on BioHitech's GOHBio 1001 Organic Waste Decomposition Machine

ALLENDALE, NJ/BOSTON, MA (April 7, 2009) - BioHitech America, LLC, a privately owned  environmental technology company, and Four Seasons Hotel Boston, have partnered on the  installation of BioHitech's organic waste decomposition system. The GOHBio system will  enable the hotel to dispose of their food waste at its point of generation, thereby eliminating all  traditional steps of waste removal and disposal, including trash hauling services. Resultantly,  greenhouse gases will be reduced, landfill space and fuel will be preserved, and their overall  carbon footprint will be smaller. 

"I am delighted by our partnership with Four Seasons Hotel Boston. The GOHBio 1001 will  enable the hotel to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing trash removal  expenses and streamlining work flow efficiencies. My hope is that sharing in an environmental  partnership with such a prestigious organization will bring awareness to alternative solutions to  traditional waste services and encourage other organizations to take ownership of the  sustainability of our environment,” commented Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHitech America. 

The GOHBio series of decomposition machines, manufactured by BioHitech International, is  distributed exclusively by Allendale, NJ-based BioHitech America. The GOHBio system is  available in 3 stock models with customization capabilities available to accommodate special  capacity requirements and work site specifications. 

BioHitech America is an industry leader in comprehensive organic waste disposal with over 60  years collective waste services experience. 

Inquires on BioHitech technology can be directed to Kim Doscher on 888-876 9300, ext. 20.  Kdoscher@biohitech.com

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